Slave Day

by jenncard

I recently took a trip to Vernal, Utah to help my sister with a concert for her work. We spent the day at Uintah High School- “Home of the Utes” – and more importantly… racists. Apparently, the Student Council decided that for Spirit Week a good theme would be “Slave Day.” I can understand (maybe) having the idea pop through your head… for one half of a second, but to go through the process of making it an official day? Where/who are the administrators of this school? I recognize that this is a small town in Utah, but there has to be someone with the common sense (or decency) to shoot down this proposal. I think what is the most unsettling to me is the disturbing illustration that took the opportunity to draw chains and an evil cackle on the promotional sign. On a plus side, both of the people appear white.