by jenncard

Band-aids used to be a common example of white privilege, but not anymore. I know you’ve probably seen these ethnic-friendly band-aids online and thought “Hey, that’s kind of weird.” But guess what, they’re not weird. You’re weird. You see, band-aids are only the tip of the iceberg for brown people in America and frankly we’re tired of being forgotten. Do you know the name of the brown or black barbie dolls? Didn’t think so.

Without further ado, I would like to show one of these bad boys in action. This picture comes from our D.C. correspondent, Liz, who took this picture. In case you can’t see it is on the middle of his left calf, it just blends in so well that it may be hard to see.  Win!


The only disappointing part about this post is the fact that multicultural band-aids were invented only after band-aids that look like bacon.